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It's morning, and you've decided you're going to have pancakes for breakfast. Then, you realize you're out of sugar free syrup. No problem, whip up some super-fast sugar free syrup while the pancakes are cooking!

Super Fast Sugar Free Syrup: Heat up some super-fast sugar free syrup while the pancakes are cooking!

Low Carb Maple Syrup Replacement

I love maple syrup, but it's both super expensive and so not good for weight loss or weight maintenance. Since most of my favorite pancake recipes, like my Me Berry Pancakes, are on the fat-based side of the equation, I need a syrup that's low in carbohydrates. 

I basically like my pancakes slathered with butter. One day, when I was looking for a sugar-free syrup online, I stumbled onto Oil of Joy's Instant Pancake "Syrup".

 It's three simple ingredients: butter, maple flavoring and stevia, although one of them, I can't use: stevia. I made the super simple replacement of substituting monk fruit powder to taste for the stevia. 

Since I don't use a microwave, as I believe microwave use can be detrimental to your health, I just melt the butter in a small pot, then add in a little maple flavoring and monk fruit powder to taste. 

About Those Simple Ingredients

If you're going to use organic for anything, then use organic for butter. Toxin residues are concentrated in fat. To avoid that fat/residue concentration, eat organic butter. 

Next, you need to add on grass fed to that organic butter. Grass fed cows produce butter that is significantly healthier to eat. You can read more about that here

I use monk fruit powder as my primary natural sugar free sweetener. You just can't beat monk fruit for its health benefits and natural super sweet taste. I rave about monk fruit in my post For the Love of Sugar: Addiction and Natural Substitutes.

Natural maple flavoring, without artificial flavors or dyes, that actually tastes like maple is hard to find. I recently tried the Thin Healthy Mama brand of maple flavoring, and I'm now a big fan. They also have other flavors that work well for this syrup if you want to change up the taste like vanilla, caramel and pecan. Their flavors contain water, alcohol and natural flavors; that's it. 

I've also used and like Frontier Co-op non-alcoholic maple flavor. It's made with glycerin, water and natural flavors. Oddly, the label states it contains soy, so if you're allergic to soy products, skip this one.

Super Fast Sugar Free Syrup Cooking on the Stove

Add In IMO Syrup to Create a More Syrupy Consistency

Since this recipe doesn't meet my requirement of having a consistency of pancake syrup, I can add in several teaspoons of VitaFiber to get a more syrupy consistency. Super-Fast Sugar Free Syrup still doesn't have the consistency of corn syrup, or even a thin maple syrup since it has more butter than syrup, but it's pretty darn good.

VitaFiber Syrup as an Optional Add In

What's VitaFiber? It's a sweetener made from natural pea starch and water. Also known as IMO syrup or isomaltooligosaccharide. I guarantee it tastes nothing like peas. It looks and tastes like a light colored, mildly sweet syrup. 

I purchase mine on Amazon and use it in small quantities to mimic syrup. Per teaspoon, it has five grams of carbohydrates and five grams of fiber. It doesn't taste as sweet as you'd expect a syrup to taste, but it's super packed with fiber. 

Why not just use VitaFiber alone as a pancake syrup? I have two reasons for limiting the quantity of VitaFiber I use. First, it's expensive. A 14.9 oz bottle costs $11.99 as of this post. Second, I don't want to add too many carbohydrates for the increased fiber to handle. 

Wait Isn't VitaFiber High Carb?

If you read the Vitafiber reviews, you'll quickly notice that diabetics say this syrup raises their blood sugar levels. I'm sure it would if I used it in quantity. 

The rule for carbohydrate counting is to subtract the grams of fiber from the grams of carbohydrates. You're then left with net carbs, which you count. Basically, fiber can cancel out some of the carbohydrates since fiber slows down carbohydrate absorption. 

However, there's obviously an upper limit to this fiber cancelling phenomenon. What's that limit? I have no idea, but I know if I use less than one tablespoon of VitaFiber per serving, I still lose or maintain my weight. I don't have any of the sugar rush feelings of high blood sugar, and I don't crave more VitaFiber. 

If you don't have VitaFiber on hand, you can still have a sweet buttery topping for your pancakes, or waffles, or whatever. You'll just have a buttery instead of a syrupy consistency.

Super Fast Sugar Free Syrup and Me Berry Pancakes for a Yummy Breakfast Anytime

Make It a Meal

I use this Super-Fast Sugar Free Syrup on low carb pancakes, or better yet, I put it on the side and dip each bite of pancake into it right before I eat it. Unless you're trying to gain weight, you'll want to use it with low carb foods.  I'll often pair up  Me Berry Pancakes pancakes with raspberries and this syrup since the pancakes and raspberries are low carb, too. 

In Thin Healthy Mama speak, this syrup is S or satisfying, aka a higher fat choice. If you're having a THM meal, you could also use a few blueberries instead of raspberries and have an egg on the side. 

I have a very large appetite. Eating the Me Berry Pancakes recipe with this syrup, fills me up every time. You can also make those pancakes without berries or with another add in like sugar-free chocolate chips or nuts. 

You can use Super-Fast Sugar Free Syrup to top any low carb dessert to up the fat content if you're on keto. It tastes yummy on low carb muffins and breads, too. 

Super-Fast Sugar Free Syrup

Super fast, sugar free, tastes yummy and is healthy. Who could ask for more from a syrup? This syrup is high fat, so think keto and THM S and add it to your low carb breakfast and dessert choices.
Prep Time2 mins
Cook Time3 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Breakfast, Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Egg Free, Gluten Free, Keto, Nut Free, Pescatarian, THM S, Vegan, Vegetarian
Servings: 1
Calories: 100kcal


  • Small pot


  • 1 tbsp Grass fed organic butter or butter flavored coconut oil
  • 1/4 tsp Natural maple flavoring Thin Healthy Mama or Frontier Co-Op
  • Monk fruit Powder to taste

Optional Add In

  • 2 tsp VitaFiber syrup


  • Melt butter on medium heat in a small pot. Remove from heat as soon as butter is melted. You don't want to brown the butter.
  • Mix in the remaining ingredients.
  • Pour onto pancakes, breads, etc. while hot.


  • For a vegan option, use butter flavored coconut oil in place of butter.
  • Monk fruit powder is listed to taste because the perceived sweetness of monk fruit decreases with use based on my experience.
  • Adding VitaFiber syrup increases the syrup consistency. However, it's not required to have a yummy tasting pancake or dessert topping. 

Nutrition*: Total Fat: 12g, Total Carbohydrates: 0g, Dietary Fiber: 0g, Protein: 0.1g

*For single serving without VitaFiber add in and using butter. 

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