Six Low Fat Side Dishes You Can Prep in 15 Minutes or Less

These yummy low fat side dishes are easy to prepare in 15 minutes or less. They're also vegetarian or vegan, and healthy, including being free of most common allergens. They're also great to take for potlucks or picnics, too. 

While salads also make great side dishes, none of these recipes are salads. If you're looking for low fat salads, I recommend checking out 6 Low Fat Summer Salads You Can Make in 15 Minutes or Less

These yummy low fat side dishes are easy to prepare in 15 minutes or less. They're also vegetarian or vegan, and healthy, including being free of most common allergens.

The Beauty of Easy Side Dishes

When I'm having a low fat meal, and want to make it more than a one dish meal, I insist on making an easy side dish. 

There are so many quick to prepare side dish recipes that make great additions for certain meal types. A tasty side can take an entree from boring to exciting. 

Here are some of my favorite low fat side dishes...

Ginger Green Beans - Healthy Low Fat Side Dish

I love these Asian-inspired ginger green beans, especially during the summer when green beans are freshest. It's also vegan and free of common allergens like eggs, dairy, nuts, gluten and wheat. If you want to make it without soy, just use coconut aminos in place of the soy sauce. 

This recipe calls for a fresh tangerine, but you can also use sugar free canned mandarin oranges to speed up prep. I also use monk fruit powder to taste to the sauce in place of the packed brown sugar in the recipe. 

At only two grams of fat per serving, this is definitely a low fat recipe. Who knew a low fat side dish could have this much flavor?

Tzatziki - Healthy Low Fat Side Dish

Tzatziki is my favorite low fat side dish for Greek-inspired food. For this recipe, I decrease the oil or entirely leave it out. I use fat free Greek yogurt to further decrease the fat.

I also use this recipe as an Indian side by adding a little cumin. While Indian raita recipes aren't made with Greek yogurt traditionally, I like the higher protein of Greek over regular yogurt.

Finally, I also like to add tzatziki to an appetizer board meal with low fat hummus, tzatziki, fresh crispy vegetables sliced to make dippers, and low fat feta cheese. 

This recipe is vegetarian and free of most common allergens except dairy. 

E's Super-Awesome Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms

E's Super-Awesome Brussel Sprouts and Mushrooms - Low Fat Side Dish

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen is one of my go-to sites when I'm tracking down a low fat recipe. Unfortunately, since I also want a quick prep recipe, many of the yummy looking choices don't make the cut.However, this recipe is 10 minutes prep and 10 minutes to cook.

I've found you either love brussel sprouts or you hate them. Since I love them, this recipe is a winner for me. 

This recipe is vegan, of course, but it's also free of all common allergens including gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, corn, soy, etc. 

Roasted Balsamic Asparagus & Cherry Tomatoes - Low Fat Side DIsh

My garden is full to bursting with cherry tomatoes in the summer time. As a result, they're a common addition to salads and side dishes at my house. 

To make this recipe low fat, just substitute your favorite cooking spray for the olive oil. You can spray the veggies generously and still come in at under 5 grams of fat per serving. 

Don't have asparagus on hand? That's OK, this dish is good by substituting just about any green vegetable such as broccoli, green beans, or even zucchini.

This recipe is vegetarian. It's also free of most common allergens as written except dairy. If you have a dairy intolerance just substitute a sprinkling of fresh herbs in place of the feta cheese. I actually like both: herbs and feta. My favorites are lemon thyme or basil. 

Fat-Free Sweet Potato Fries - Low Fat Side Dish

When it comes to fries, baked, fat-free, sweet potato fries just make my day. I love that I can eat them without feeling bloated from all the oil and excess calories.

I prefer to make these with the skin on as they're more nutritious that way. Plus, I actually like the different textures. Best of all, they're much faster to prepare skin on.

This recipe is vegan and a little spicy due to the cumin and chili powder. It's also free of all common allergens. 

Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini Noodles - Low Fat Side Dish

Zucchini noodles are the epitome of healthy side dishes. If you haven't tried them before because you don't have the equipment or think they're too hard, then check out this article now. 

You can eat them raw or cook them different ways. Best of all, like pasta, they take on the flavor of whatever you coat them with. 

I like to make zucchini noodles (or yellow squash if I have it on hand or just about any other type of squash) and add a little vegetable broth to coat them and fresh herbs. This makes an easy side. However, I also like to make the noodles and use them in place of pasta in my favorite Italian recipes. 

This side recipe is vegan and free of all common allergens. 

Favorite Low Fat Side Dishes

These are some of my favorite, easy to prepare, low fat side dishes. However, there are countless low fat side dish recipes available. What are your favorites? Please share in the comments!

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