Being happy and healthy go together. At Naturally Happy, Healthy Me, our goal is to help you find your way to happiness and health, one positive step at a time.

Happiness and Health Come from Within

If you're waiting to be happy until you get to your next happy place, like the beach, then you're likely to lead an unhappy life. If you think you'll start being healthy next week or next month, then you're not healthy now. 

  • Now is the only time we really have
  • Happiness comes from within ourselves, not from external places or things
  • We get to determine who we are in the present: We are not our past
  • Our health and happiness are primarily determined by the way we think and act
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Small Changes Made Daily Add Up to Big Improvements in Happiness and Health

It's often confusing to determine which changes make the most difference. It's easy to focus on actions that don't seem to help. As a result, it's easy to become frustrated and to give up. At Naturally Happy, Healthy Me 

  • We provide healthy recipes with 15 minutes or less prep time in the belief eating healthy is more likely when the food tastes good and is easy to prepare
  • We provide alternatives to traditional ingredients such as wheat, eggs, nuts, etc. 
  • We share the insights we've gained from trial and error
  • We realize practical, easy to implement tips are the most useful
  • We focus on the positive because we know that leads to happiness and health
  • We realize there are many aspects of our lives that impact how happy and healthy we are
  • We only recommend what we use and love
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Life Changes Are Easier with Support

There's no reason to go it alone, when you can join a Naturally Happy, Healthy Me Group and have a virtual support system. NHHM Groups offer

  • Virtual meetings every other week
  • A group facilitator who helps to keep the group on track
  • A structured environment to make virtual friends with similar interests
  • Regular, practical lessons on happiness and health

For more information and to sign up, go to our Join A Group Overview.

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