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Naturally Happy Healthy Me virtual groups are the best way to make real life changes on your journey to happiness and health. 

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Do any of these descriptions sound like you?

  • Stuck in learning mode instead of practical application
  • Confused about which actions to take to be happier and healthier
  • Need support to make important changes into long-term habits
  • Full of good intentions, but lacking in real-life actions
  • Feel like there should be more to living than working and watching television
  • Want to be more intuitive and live in the now, but don't know how
  • Need loving guidance and interactions on a regular basis
  • Sure you have a better purpose, but don't know what it is

If several or more of the descriptions above sound like you, then you can benefit from a NHHM Group. Our groups are designed to align 8-10 people who want to be happy and healthy with a group facilitator who provides practical education, discussion topics, homework, and encouragement. 

As you become integrated into your group, your facilitator will work with you to help you

  • develop positive relationships you wouldn't develop on your own
  • learn how to apply what you learn to your daily life
  • be lovingly held accountable for positive change
  • become an important component of other group members' success

Here are some of the discussion topics you may cover in your group:

  • Personal empowerment  
    • surrounding yourself with light and what it does for you
    • how to consciously choose your thoughts for an amazing life
    • how to increase your sphere of influence and why you’d want to
    •  how to determine your special gifts and use them 
  • Health and fitness of the soul variety
    • ways we consciously and subconsciously control our energy flow and how that impacts our health
    • identification of our personal defense mechanisms and the impact on our energy field
    •  how color impacts health and happiness
    • how meditation affects health
    • how our thoughts impact our health and how we can learn to choose positive thoughts
    • how to eat to maintain optimal health
    • alternate forms of meditation for those who can’t do “regular” meditation or want to expand their meditation repertoire
    • how to love exercise from an exercise hater
    • alternative medicine choices and how they may improve your health
    • the benefits of wishcraft
    • the importance to telling the truth in relation to our health
  • Professional development 
    • how to create a better environment wherever you work
    • how to get joy out of your job whatever it is
    • how to choose a profession that best fits your current soul path
    • how to change your job without having the normal stress impact your health
    • what type of job should you have if you’re aware?
  • Money management
    • how to make peace with money to increase overall happiness and give up money guilt
    • how to determine how much money you think you deserve and change the amount if you choose
    • how to make peace with your possessions
  • Relationships from a soul perspective
    • how to determine what you need and state it
    • how to determine if you’re passive aggressive and change your interactions positively
    • how to find and keep a positive partner
    • the importance of friendships and a strong social network to happiness and health
    • how to make friends and keep them
    • how to be positive in the face of any amount of negativity
  • And more! Your group and facilitator will determine topics and rate of progression based on group interests and current state.

Our groups meet virtually every other week for an hour and a half. Group meetings are in English. Group meetings aren't guaranteed every other week due to holidays and facilitator availability. No special equipment is required for group meetings other than a phone. 

To request to join a group, just complete the contact form below and let us know in the "Message" field you're interested in potentially becoming a group member.

Someone will contact you with information and current group membership fees.