Oh! Sweet Syrups: Sugar Free Syrup Alternatives Roundup

Syrups are a challenge when you make them without sugar. I've yet to find a sugar-free maple syrup I like. Here's my sugar free syrup alternatives roundup  that I slather or pour over my pancakes. All are sweetened with monk fruit powder: my go-to sweetener. 

Oh! Sweet Syrups Sugar Free with Monk Fruit

Requirements for Oh! Sweet Syrups

As a picky syrup eater, I've tried a lot of sugar-free syrups over the years. Unfortunately, I haven't tried many good and healthy sugar-free syrups I could buy or make from a recipe. 

Most of the retail syrups don't pass the label inspection phase. I routinely read the label and return to the shelf syrups with unhealthy ingredients. Yes, I spend most of my time at the grocery store reading labels. 

Also, most of the sugar-free syrup recipes I've tried didn't meet my expectations. I could filter out recipes with ingredients I didn't like. However, when I made those with good ingredients, they often didn't taste good or have the right consistency.  

My number one complaint is consistency. Who wants a sugar-free syrup that's slimy?

I came up with a list of requirements as a result:

  • Has healthy ingredients - no artificial sweeteners, thickeners, dyes, etc.
  • Has a normal syrup-like consistency or at least a slime-free consistency
  • Tastes sweet without tasting fake sweet
  • Doesn't raise blood sugar levels
  • Isn't cost prohibitive - expensive ingredients are OK if they're used in small quantities and won't go bad until used

Types of Syrups

I like to have low fat and low carb syrups to have on my low carb or low fat pancakes, waffles and other syrup-laden goodies. 

  • A basic maple syrup replacement is always at the top of my list 
  • Fruit-based syrups and compotes are also favorites. 

These syrups are all sugar free, gluten / wheat free, vegetarian, and sweetened with monk fruit powder. They're also egg free, nut free, and most of them are dairy free. 

I recommend the monk fruit powder from Nuts.com. It's 100 percent monk fruit, and as little as 1/36th of a teaspoon is often enough to sweeten a tablespoon of nut butter. 

If you're unfamiliar with monk fruit powder as a natural sweetener, I recommend the post For the Love of Sugar: Addiction and Natural Substitutes.

Super Fast Sugar Free Syrup } Keto,  Low Carb & THM S

It's morning, and you've decided you're going to have low carb pancakes for breakfast. Then, you realize you're out of sugar free syrup. No problem, whip up some super-fast sugar free syrup while the pancakes are cooking!

Raspberry Compote

Raspberry Compote | Keto, Low Carb, Low Fat 

This compote is too thick to be a syrup. However, it's full of flavor, common allergen free, and sweetened with monk fruit. And, it's healthy since the primary ingredient is raspberries. Best of all, it just takes minutes to make. 

While the Me Oatmeal Pancakes recipe where this compote recipe is located isn't low carb, the compote is low carb. 

You can also make this compote with other fruits. If you're having a low fat meal, it goes really well with blueberries and raspberries. 

Nut Butter Spread

Nut Butter Spread | Low Carb, Keto, THM S

I love having nut butter sweetened with monk fruit powder on Me Baked French Toast. Sure, it's not a syrup, but it is a sugar free syrup alternative. 

Use your favorite nut butter. If you're allergic to nuts, then you can use sunflower butter with a little vanilla and cinnamon. 

Me Berry Syrup

Me Berry Syrup | Low Fat, Low Carb, THM FP

This sugar-free easy, yummy Me Berry Syrup is the perfection addition to berry up your favorite breakfast, dessert or snack. It's low fat, low carb, and healthy too! I usually use strawberries for this syrup, but you can also use raspberries and still have it be low carb. 

What's Your Favorite Sugar Free Syrup Alternative?

All my sugar free syrup alternatives are healthy and super fast to make. Have you tried these or do you another favorite sugar free alternative? Please comment and share. Especially if you have a maple syrup alternative that can easily be sweetened with monk fruit powder and has a syrupy consistency without sugar. 

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