Aware Power: Roadmap to Self Empowerment & Happiness

Who doesn't want to be self empowered and happy? What if there was a simple roadmap to self empowerment and happiness? There is! I call it Aware Power.

Aware PowerL My Roadmap to Self Empowerment & Happiness

Aware Power and Me

For me, becoming aware* in it's simplest terms means knowing you're not alone and that you have untapped capability. How long it takes to reach self empowerment depends on your determination to reach that state and your willingness to embrace change. 

I became aware in my early 20's. I'd just become the owner, with other family members, of a health food store and had my first son. Due to the questions and prompting of the large number of customers who came into the store who were already aware, I quickly began to realize there could be a much larger experience of life and my place in it than I was living. I just had to open myself to that path. 

So I began reading books, attending metaphysical conferences, and asking questions of those I knew who were already aware.

I was trying to find a roadmap. Something that said, you're here. Do this, then this, then that. When you finish those. You'll have arrived. 

I found many different paths and directions along the way.  But, few of them were the clear cut practical pathways I desired. I often felt I was floundering amid my oases of discovery. 

Through determination and the best help those around me could provide, over many years, I grew in self empowerment and happiness. I changed and developed abilities that were often unbelievable even as I and others experienced them. 

Later, after I learned enough to mentor others, I promised myself I'd create the practical roadmap to self empowerment through awareness that I sought. 

I began to crystallize the specific exercises and experiences that made a real difference in my progression and power levels. I stripped away anything I'd heard or been taught that was unnecessary or superfluous.  What remained was a roadmap to self empowerment through awareness or for short: aware power. 

Aware Power: A Roadmap to Self  Empowerment & Happiness

What Do I Have to Do to Gain Aware Power?

If you're reading this sentence, then you are more than likely already aware. The very fact that you continued reading this post to get to this point, you're interested in finding out more, and you have the desire to find those answers means you're aware. 

Becoming aware is the first step. Congratulations! 

Next, in order to learn about your power, you must first learn to control your own mind. So, the first requirement in order to gain aware power is learning to control your own thoughts.

This doesn't mean that someone else controls your thoughts. It means you learn to control what you think and when you think it. 

Why would you need to learn to control your thoughts to have aware power? Because you create your world with your thoughts. Your thoughts really do have power. 

However, you cannot harness that power when your thoughts are pinging around constantly with random noise. 

Once you learn to control your thoughts, then you can learn to create your best life, and step into your abilities, whatever those may be.

Impossible and Possible Street Signs

What Abilities Will I Gain with Aware Power?

First, what's an ability anyway? What does the word ability mean in this context? 

According to Google Dictionary, the definition of ability is possession of the means or skill to do something and/or talent, skill, or proficiency in a particular area.

Abilities you gain as a result of aware power are new talents, skills or proficiencies that you didn't have before.

What those abilities are will depend on your own strengths and weaknesses and what you choose to focus upon. They will also usually materialize and progress over time. 

For me, when I first became aware, I was very interested in natural means of healing. I focused on ways to help other people become healthy and to feel better about themselves. As a result, I developed the ability to help someone else heal themselves as one of my first abilities. 

I was also interested in gaining more knowledge of myself and of the outer world. So, I learned to navigate the dream plane through lucid dreaming. Then, I stepped into the astral plane and gained access to information and experiences I had no physical capability of experiencing. 

Over time, I learned awareness isn't about chasing abilities. It's about opening yourself to the understanding that you can have any ability if you allow yourself to have it. You then become defined not by your abilities but by your capability to have any ability. 

I like the article The Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities by Russell Targ and Jane Katra, PhD because it describes different types of abilities and includes scientific studies about those abilities. 

Back to the Roadmap: Step One - Control Your Thoughts

While laying out the complete roadmap sounds like a great idea on the surface, it really does no good until you can first control your own thoughts. Fortunately, controlling your thoughts is easy with a little practice. 

Continue on to my next post in this series, Aware Power: Step One - Control Your Thoughts, for an easy exercise you can practice throughout any day. 

I'll also share more of the step-by-step roadmap to self empowerment and happiness in Step One - Control Your Thoughts.

Please Share Your Experiences

It's important for us to understand we're not alone in our awareness or in our own progression. We can learn from other's experiences, but first, we must know what they are. Please share your experiences, so we all are stronger together.

* I did an internet search through posts and books to find out if my definition of becoming aware was the same as others. I found each source had a different definition of becoming aware and of the word aware. As a result, I decided to go with the simplest definition that made sense to me and to others I've worked with over the years. 

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