6 Low Fat Summer Salads You Can Make in 15 Minutes or Less

Here are six yummy, high rated, low fat summer salad recipes you can make in 15 minutes or less. I like my salads light and healthy. Plus, all these recipes are vegetarian or vegan.

I follow Balanced Eating where at one sitting I eat either low fat / higher carb or low carb / higher fat. I also want healthy food that only takes minutes to make. If you're like me and want to maintain a healthy weight while spending as little time in the kitchen as possible, then these salads are for you. 

6 Low Fat Summer Salads

Summer Gardens + Produce Stands = Salad Variety

Who wants to eat the same old salads year round? One of the big benefits of summer is the large variety of fruits and vegetables.

I've intentionally chosen salads that incorporate variety while still being around five grams of fat per salad. This means the dressing must also be low fat, but still bursting with flavor. 

You can use these salads as a main course or as a side. For most of these recipes, I'd use them as a side. When I have salad as main course, I like to add a little fat free greek yogurt on the side to up the protein and keep me full longer. 

I'm already drooling as I plan out menus with these salads. I love summer!

Spicy Apple Walnut Salad

I love Susan's Fat Free Vegan site. She tends toward hot as a flavoring. If you don't like hot, then just leave out the jalapenos. Easy peasy! The salad and dressing take 10 minutes each to make. Since the dressing is more than one serving, you can use it again and split the time to make the salad to 15 minutes total. 

Don't hesitate to substitute a different fruit. This salad is equally tasty with summer berries for example. 

Raw Veggie Chopped Salad

Want a salad without lettuce? Here you go. This recipe also includes a lovely lemon-based dressing that's oil free. It does contain maple syrup, but you can easily substitute your favorite alternative sweetener, like monk fruit powder. 

This salad makes a great side for picnics, pot lucks and barbeques. 

Adriennes Cucumber Salad

When my cucumbers come in, I'm always looking for great cucumber recipes. I love garden fresh cucumbers. This salad calls for sugar, but you can substitute monk fruit powder and use a little less water. I love this salad because of the sweet/sour flavor. I also add in a little cayenne sometimes to give a bite!

Strawberry Melon Summer Salad

This salad has a lemon yogurt dressing. If you want to avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners, you can whip up your own lemon yogurt using non-fat greek yogurt with monk fruit powder, vanilla, and lemon flavoring to taste. 

I look forward to summer fruit salads every year. If you make this salad fancy like the photo with rounded melon balls and a watermelon bowl, it will take far longer than 15 minutes. To make it faster, put it in a glass bowl and use easy to prepare fruits. You can change the fruits for what you have on hand, too. 

Three Pepper Coleslaw

While coleslaw doesn't really require much in the way of summer vegetables, it's still a mainstay of summer recipes. This dish is full of flavor without being full of fat. I recommend substituting the sugar with a dash of monk fruit powder and the canola oil with a better quality oil like sunflower oil. 

Greek Revival Salad

I love Greek salad with fresh garden vegetables. This recipe calls for dried oregano, but I love to use fresh oregano from my herb garden during the summer.

Please Comment - What Are Your Favorite Low Fat Summer Salads?

Do you have a favorite vegetarian or vegan summer salad that's low fat and healthy? Have you tried these recipes and have a new favorite? 

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